Safety Tips When Riding a Bike

Among the benefits of riding a bike is that it’s eco-friendly, a fun way to get around and removes the need to sit in traffic for too long. However, you need to ensure that you follow safety tips when riding it. Remember that simply hopping onto the bike and peddling away is only the beginning. You need to take safety precautions when riding it. For the best outcome, this article gives you Safety Tips When Riding a Bike.


Make Sure You Wear a Helmet


You may not look stylish or good when wearing a helmet. However, you should remember it’s among the best Safety Tips When Riding a Bike. Many of the serious injuries that occur when riding a bike are as a result of not wearing helmets. For example, many riders get killed in accidents arising out of failure to use helmets. It means you should make sure you wear your helmet when riding your bike.


Obey Road Safety Rules


You should make sure you follow road safety rules when riding your bike. Remember it may only have two wheels, but you need to ensure you follow traffic lights, avoid weaving in and out of cars and ride slowly in the case you’re following traffic. The thing to remember is that rules are there to ensure you’re safe. If you ignore them, you will risk injuring yourself and putting others at risk.


Use Hand Signals


In the event that cars don’t signal to others. The result can be accidents and confusion to pedestrians. The same case applies when riding your bike. That’s because you need to alert others that you’re turning. When turning left, you should hold your left arm in a straight manner and point to the left. On the other hand, if you’re turning right, you should point your right arm to the right. In the case that you’re stopping, you should point your left arm straight down.


Be Aware Of Your Surroundings


You should avoid listening to music as you ride your bike. That’s because it’s among the distraction hazards that cause accidents. That means you should avoid checking your Smartphone as you ride your bike. Remember you can’t always rely on others to do the right thing on the road. If you hope that they will always do the right thing, you may be disappointed. The more alert you stay on the road the safer you will be since you will react faster to any happening.


Make Sure You’re Visible


It’s important to make sure that other cars and pedestrians can see you. That means you must have bike lights, which include one red rear light and one white front light. Another thing to have is reflective elements on your clothing and bike when riding. Ensure you wear lighter colors as you ride your bike. It will enable you to be visible to others on the road.




The above informative post on Safety Tips When Riding a Bike should make you enjoy riding your bike. Remember to stay visible and wear light color clothes to ensure others notice your presence.

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