Starting Off Tips

From a glance, it seems just so easy, you know, as easy as wearing the helmet, hopping on a bike and pedaling away. But that is not exactly right. I enjoy cycling so much because it helps me feel refreshed after working all day. During weekends, you will find me cycling alone, with my family or friends. I like cycling with beginners and I’m happy when they learn some cycling tips because I have been cycling for a long time.

I will share with you some tips for those planning to begin cycling:

Buy your bike locally from a shop

man checks bike before buying in sports shop

It is more beneficial if you buy your bike from a local shop compared to when you buy it online. This way, you will fit the bike first before purchasing it to ensure that it is good for your height and reach for handlebars. You can also get an offer for servicing your bike for free like for the first six months and whenever you have any questions, they can give you advice. When you purchase it online you can save on some cash but you can’t compare to the benefits you will get when you purchase it locally.

Ensure your total comfort on the bike

Many experienced cyclists still make some adjustments to fit on their bike perfectly even after riding for some time. The adjustment depends on the goals of an individual. For example, you may have to adjust the seat if you are riding long distance. If you want to avoid injuries and ride comfortably, the bike must fit.

To get the optimum height of the saddle, place your heel at the furthest point of the pedal. Ensure that your leg is straight so that it will only make a slight bend when clipping in. The moment you stop seeing the hub of the front heel when you are on the top of the saddle, know that the reach is right.

Learn how to mend a puncture

You should not wait until your bike gets a puncture so you can learn how to fix it. It can get a puncture in a remote place where there is no one to help you when you are stuck. To avoid such an experience, learn as early as possible. You can learn from the internet, ask a friend or someone to teach you then do some practice.

Join cycling friends or a cycle club

It is recommended to join a cycling club because if you have technical questions they will help you answer them. They can also help you if you have mechanical difficulties or other confusing challenges. On your first ride, ask someone to help you familiarize yourself with the etiquette of riding hand signals. Show your willingness to learn. They will be patient with you until you become used.

Build confidence while on the road

two men riding a bike

You should ride about one meter away from the road edge. This will enable you to move from obstacles and it will also encourage those using the road to leave you some space when overtaking. Make sure that you obey road rules on the highway.

Ride a little at a time

The best way to wake up is to know that there is a good city, mountain or hybrid bike waiting just for you. Cycling is a good exercise because it can help you lose weight, but you need to take it slow so that you do not strain your joints. If you do too much riding in the beginning, you will end up getting injured, feeling fatigued and you may even lose interest in it. To avoid such, increase your riding volume gradually or follow a training plan if you have goals to achieve.

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Morning Fuel for Riding

Taking coffee in the morning at the shop before we start working on the bikes has become one of our daily routines. We have a coffeemaker at our shop and before my colleagues and I start on our work, the first thing we do is prepare coffee first. Taking coffee in the morning gives us energy and morale to start our job. Coffee has become the fuel that drives us to keep on working. However, it is not in vain because drinking coffee also has some health benefits, which I am going to share with you.

It increases your energy levels

man drinking coffee

The caffeine contained in coffee makes you feel more relaxed. When you take your coffee, the caffeine is absorbed by the blood. Once in the brain, it blocks Adenosine, the hormone that is responsible for inducing tiredness. Controlled trials carried out in humans have shown that coffee improves many brain functioning aspects. The aspects include energy levels, memory, vigilance, reaction time and mood.

It helps in burning the fat

Caffeine, a natural substance found in coffee has been proven to help in burning fat. You will find it in almost all the commercial supplements used for burning fat. Studies have shown that caffeine can increase fat burning in obese people by 10% and in lean individuals by 29%. It can help you lose weight.

Coffee contains essential nutrients

You do not only benefit from bitter or sweet roasted taste of your coffee when taking it. Coffee contains essential nutrients that include magnesium, manganese, niacin, potassium and pantothenic acid. The amount of essential nutrients will add up depending on the cups of coffee that you take per day.

Coffee prolongs life

Studies show that drinking coffee can reduce the risk of death by at least 6% in men who drink one cup of coffee per day. It has also been established in studies that men who take 2 to 6, or more cups everyday can reduce the risk of death by up to 10%.

It lowers the risk of contracting Alzheimer’s

Drinking coffee for a long period of time can help prevent the risk of suffering from Alzheimer’s disease. Studies have shown that people who drink coffee have a lower risk of 65% of suffering from Alzheimer’s disease.

Coffee makes you feel happier

two girls laughing

Coffee can help you to overcome the risk of depression and enhance your mood when you feel down. Studies have supported this. In one, women who took 4 cups of coffee or more each day stood a lower risk of about 20% of getting depression. In a second study, people who drank 4 cups of coffee or more each day had a lower probability to commit suicide.

Coffee helps lessen pain

If you drink coffee every day, you can have a higher pain endurance than a person who does not. This has been proven in studies with one showing that people who drank coffee only experienced pain intensity level of 41 while those who never drank coffee had pain intensity levels of 55.  

Caffeine has many effects on the central nervous system because it blocks the pain signal processing in the brain. This increases the effectiveness of the natural painkilling mechanism of the body.

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