Morning Energy

Yesterday morning was one of those nasty mornings that one encounters occasionally. To start with, I missed my alarm by almost half an hour and I knew that my goose was cooked because we had an early meeting with the company’s CEO. As they say, misfortunes never come singly. In my rush to get out of the house as quickly as I could, I passed by the kitchen to pick an apple for my breakfast, only to knock our coffee pot off the counter rendering it useless.

Bad situation has gone worse, but I did not even have the time to reminisce, as I was already late for work. It would hit me much later that if I did not buy another coffeemaker soon, I would have to do without my usual fix of morning coffee. And the thought of that was simply unbearable because coffee, dark and sweet is how I always kick-start my day.

Now, I need to replace the coffee pot immediately since we all need it for our morning coffee. My search for the best coffee maker led me to the following incredible drip coffee makers that would be ideal for anyone looking for such a unit.

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Here is a review of each.


Cuisinart DCC-3200
Cuisinart DCC-3200

This one comes with features like a 14-cup carafe made of glass, with a stylish handle made of stainless steel and the coffeemaker itself is programmable. The Cuisinart DCC-3200 comes in a sleek design that is aesthetically pleasing and thus ideal even for all kinds of kitchens including the modern ones.

It is also quite affordable, giving you great value for your money, given that it comes with features that often found in pricey coffee makers. Going by so many positive reviews from the people who already use it, one can easily tell that it is truly a pro when it comes to brewing tasty coffee.

When it comes to performance, this unit has no issues at all since it performs optimally and effectively. It is able to brew great quality coffee in just a minute and all it programmable settings works without any hitches.

It is very easy to use since apart from the detailed user manual that is included in the package, it has an innovative LED screen as well as an automatic shut off function. In addition, this coffeemaker has a detachable 80 oz water reservoir, a removable drip tray, iced coffee feature, temperature controls, brew-strength options, a charcoal filter and five-cup size options.


Very easy to use
Ideal for iced coffee
Different brew strength options
Automatic shut off
Charcoal filter for water purification
Great brew taste quality


Drip tray becomes loose at times

Mr. Coffee Optimal Brew PSTX91
Optimal Brew PSTX91

Mr. Coffee is a renowned brand when it comes to making excellent quality coffee makers. The Mr. Coffee Optimal Brew PSTX91 comes with great qualities that make it one of the best coffee makers that are currently in the market. It is reasonably priced and it has also received positive reviews from people who have already interacted with it.

This coffee maker comes in a beautiful design that adds value to any contemporary kitchen. The fully programmable unit allows you to program it up to 24 hours beforehand. When it comes to performance, Mr. Coffee Optimal does not disappoint. It is very consistent and effective when it comes to making coffee. It is able to brew high quality and tasty coffee.

This unit has user-friendly features that make it pretty easy to operate. It also comes with a detailed manual that allows even a person who has never used it to operate it easily. It is also convenient since it has a self-cleaning feature and its stainless steel body is very easy to clean.

The grab-a-cup-technology that is used in this coffeemaker allows a person to pause the process so that you can grab a cup of coffee if you are in a hurry, and leave to continue with the process of making the rest. The LED screen is easy to use and the unit’s heating element ensures that the optimal brewing temperature is achieved. Finally, the unit has a charcoal water filter that ensures that your water is thoroughly purified, thus enhancing the taste of your coffee.

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Fairly priced
Fully programmable
Brewing temperature control
Charcoal water filter


Produces a lot of steam which might wrap some kitchen items